Monday, January 5, 2009

IMPORTANT! Please watch these.

Chomsky, Solomom, Ackerman, and many others. Even the Jews are speaking out against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

For God's sake, and for the sake of thousands of broken children, please post these videos on your blogs and pass them around.


( I just received an sms from Dr Jemilah of Mercy Malaysia. It went like this: "Salaam, Min. As I write this, in the last 15 minutes more than 20 bombs have fallen on Gaza, within the distance I can hear them. We are about 2 km from Palestine, and it is a case of so near and yet so far. Our five trucks are loaded with USD100,000 worth of valuable medicine, surgical sets, and disposable items, including syringes, intravenous infusions and bandages. We will wait till the bombings stop, and once the gate opens, we will try to push the goods through. While the Egyptian border has thankfully allowed aid to go through, the challenge is to wait for trucks from the Palestine side to come and collect the goods. For the past day, they have not been able to collect even life saving goods as Israel continues with land and air assaults. We will try our best and stay till we can assure our aid goes through. Many people have been kind to us here and we ask for your continued support and prayers." )

Once again, I urge you to contact Mercy Malaysia at 03-2273 3999, or email to and find out how best you can help raise funds for medical aid that can help save the lives of wounded children in Gaza.

p/s - Si celaka yang memang celaka sampai bila2..Israel Lahanat!!!!!!!! Hapus ko dekat muka bumi Allah ini..AMin!!!!

- klau ada masalah dengan video ni..korang direct terus ke You Tube ok..:)
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