Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Duke

The latest AXN original production is THE DUKE, a glossy men’s magazine talk show that will appeal to the modern sensibilities, tastes, upscale lifestyles and intellect of professionals and businessmen.
THE DUKE is set to make waves across Asia as it explores topics like politics, finance, sex, wellness, and also about the finer things in life in a smart, sophisticated and stylish manner. Featuring exclusive interviews with international celebrities and popular figures at vibrant destinations in Asia, THE DUKE will make men all over Asia sit up and get inspired to take charge of their lives.
THE DUKE is, as its name suggests, about men that stand a class above the rest. Our definition of ‘The Duke’ is a man very much in control of his life. For a true Duke, age and wealth are not determining factors in ensuring success but the desire, the drive and the dream are key to his accomplishment.
In the premiere season of THE DUKE, get to know the inspiring stories of 13 very successful and powerful men from across Asia that embody the definitive essence of a Duke. Who are they and how did they get to their Duke status? Find out as THE DUKE delves into their lives so as to motivate others to live their lives to the fullest.
The Duke adalah satu program kegemaran yg paling aku minati kerana ia mempersoalkan tentang diri dan sifat LELAKI. Cara kehidupan serta karier dan bisnes, serta meneliti aspek kehidupan seorang lelaki yg berkarisma. Program ini mempunyai 12 episode dan setiap episod mempunyai pandangan dan cara kehidupan yg berbeza, serta mempamerkan lelaki2 yang berjaya dalam perniagaan, modelling, motivator dan sebagainya...dan malam tadi adalah siri yg terakhir utk season ini... bagi lelaki2 di luar sana, aku suggestkan korang mengikuti rancangan ini jika berkesempatan. Kerana di situ kita akan mengetahui setiap sifat dan cara bagaimana utk menjadi seorang yg berkeyakinan pada diri..so..enjoy ok.
p/s - suka akan rancangan ini..puashati beb!!!
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